Android Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

We are currently seeking an Android Developer who has experience building high quality and robust apps for the highly fragmented Android platform.


With almost half a million downloads and over 5000 ratings and reviews, SignEasy for Android is one of our core products. We have been featured by Google on the Play store and have recently redesigned the entire app to offer our customers a faster, better and more modern user-experience. Read more about it here.

The SignEasy Android app is built purely using the native Android SDK, always targeting the latest API level with a minimum of API level 16. It was one of the first few apps that was Marshmallow ready, incorporating various new features introduced in Android 6.0 like Nexus Imprint and run time permissions. We use Android Studio for development and gradle to manage dependencies. We have integrated a few reliable and essential third-party libraries into our app like the Facebook SDK and Crashlytics, to name a few. We also offer a tablet-specific experience to our users, tailor-made to make use of the larger screens.

We are very proud of our Android app, but we are constantly looking to improve our customer’s experience on it. We aim to give our users the snappiest and most reliable experience, irrespective of the device’s capability or Android platform.


  • We currently have a lot of new product features in the pipeline that we want to offer our customers.
  • We want to integrate the latest Android technologies that are applicable to us (think Android Wear, Now on Tap, Google Cards).
  • We would like to make our apps perform better by reducing memory, battery and network consumption.
  • We want to grow as the Android platform develops and always want to stay up-to-date with the Android APIs’ capabilities.
  • We have certain crashes that have plagued our customers for quite some time that we haven’t been able to mitigate effectively.
  • We want to incorporate a suite of unit and integration tests to give out better builds to our QA team.
  • We want to refine the core signing experience by improving the way we interact with our PDF library.
  • We currently do not exploit the Android SDK’s full capability to optimize the app’s performance and streamline the interactions among different components of the app.
  • We want to reduce random bugs from cropping up when changes are made to some other feature.


  • Build new features to integrate into the app - including designing the logic, building the UI and writing the Java code.
  • Work closely with the product team and UX engineers to ensure the best experience for our customers. Be vocal in suggesting changes to the UI/UX.
  • Write components that interact with our server endpoints and work closely with the backend team to ensure the correct use of the APIs.
  • Be constantly aware of the latest Android technologies and SDK improvements that can be incorporated into the product and our development practices.
  • Constantly monitor crash reports and patch in fixes with every release.
  • Work closely with the quality assurance team before every release to keep bugs to a minimum (we take pride in pushing out a zero-bug build).
  • Write unit and integration test cases for different components of your code.
  • Write maintainable, scalable, robust and documented code for future generations.
  • Brainstorm with the iOS engineers to arrive at the most efficient solution to a common problem, irrespective of the platform.
  • Experience Level: 2-4 years.


  • Strong verbal communication skills: communicates ideas with peers and gathers requirements effectively.
  • Has pushed at least two apps to the Google Play store, ideally available on the store.
  • Has worked with the native Android SDK (from API level 16 up) and is comfortable with using the core Android components like activities, fragments, broadcast receivers, services, AsyncTasks. Your favourite browser bookmark is the Android documentation.
  • Experience in interacting with REST APIs and handling JSON/XML.
  • Ability to integrate third-party libraries into the app effectively when required.
  • Ability to work in areas outside of their usual comfort zone and get things done quickly.
  • Takes pride in the code they produce: particular despise for clumsy code and inefficient algorithms.
  • Has an eye for clean UI and understands its importance.
  • Prior experience working in a product start-up will be an added advantage.


We want to try out apps that you have built and see your open source code. Apart from that, we would like you to answer three questions.

  • What are some of the new APIs in the Android 8.0 SDK that you are excited by and want to or have implemented, and why?
  • What are your favourite programming books and/or resources to learn from?
  • Check out our mobile or web apps and we would love to hear your thoughts.


  • We’re a small team doing big things! Your work will make a huge impact on customers and your voice will be heard.
  • Our company is headquartered in the US, with a small team in Dallas and development center in Bangalore. Interact with a global, diversified team and grow together with us!
  • Personal Development Perk of 1000/- INR per month. 
  • Medical Insurance coverage of 3 Lakhs per annum.
  • Sponsored lunch on Thursdays.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our culture and the team that creates magic at SignEasy:

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